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As technology continuously disrupts the norms, especially in the mobile world, we are here to guide you through your successful digital transformation and mobile business success.

Who We Are

The company has been established in 2009 in Hong Kong by one of the leading IT entrepreneurs in the North APAC, Mr. Harry Cheung and his dedicated team. Through strong alliances and partnerships with some of the industry leaders in Cyber Security, Data Protection and Backup solutions, as well as Mobile Identification, distribution and monetization services, company managed to combine world-class capabilities and provide the most innovative client-focused services and products.

Cyber Security solutions

True Cybersecurity supports your digital business continuity. Anti-Targeted Attack, Cloud Security, Cybersecurity services, End Point Security, Security Operations Centre, Fraud Prevention.

Data Protection & Backup

The best data protection and disaster recovery for virtual, physical, mobile and cloud environments. Complete business protection for systems on-premises, at remote locations, in public and private cloud, and on mobile devices. Preventing suspicious changes to data, back up files and the back-up agent.

Mobile Identity - IPification

Advanced mobile identification solution using Telco Network. By simplifying the authentication and authorization processes, IPification is helping to lower the cost of doing business by making it more effective for mobile apps & websites.

Mobile Distribution & Monetization

Distributing apps and content via traditional App Stores is no longer profitable for the most of App developers. Through extensive network of OEM/ODMs phone manufacturers in North Asia, we are helping high quality content and app developers to find new distribution channels and get the new opportunity for global success.

the industries we serve

We strive to create digital and mobile internet company of the future. We believe that together people, business & technology are winning formula for success. At BVL we aim to deliver our clients the technology, consultancy and support they need in order to achieve their full potential in today’s digital and mobile ecosystems.


We see ourselves as an extended arm of Telecoms for enhancing their footprints in today’s digital ecosystem. By partnering with many Operators globally we provide high end mobile identification services enhancing current security and UX levels.

Digital Finance Providers

Fintech companies are utilizing our high end cyber security solutions, data backup systems as well as advanced identification options helping them to drive higher transaction volumes.

Digital Merchants – Social Networks & Chat Apps (OTTs)

Today’s biggest challenge is to maintain a good user experience and registration options across many digital access points, while taking care of user’s security. Our portfolio of services & products in this field helps them to cope with ever-demanding digital economy.

Government institutions (e-Government services)

As one of the biggest cybersecurity and data backup solution distributor for top names in the industry, we help local governments to increase their security levels which are being challenged with many innovations in the digital space.


Since the number of threats specifically targeting software is increasing, every enterprise’s security (small or large) must be assured. No matter what type of organization, data, or business process needs to be protected, we make sure that our customers feel confident they have the right IT security solution in place.

Health Institutions

We offer best solutions to enable healthcare organizations to provide their employees to securely access, sync and share content, such as confidential patient and research information, while maintaining control over security and compliance.

Our Key Partners